Here you'll find examples of the kind of work we do. We'll post new projects as we complete them. Comments or questions about our projects or about drywalling in general? Click here to contact us.

This was the first large custom home Newport Harbor Drywall was involved w/....The home is in Capistrano Beach..... We hung approximately 370 12' sheets of drywall and finished it smooth. There were alot of fancy details and complex drywall work such as connecting arches throughout the house and arched windows, a barrell ceiling in the master bath and a sound reduction room for a studio, etc.

This was a custom home w/ all kinds of fancy ceilings and sofitts.........There were three oval shaped ceilings.......Very beautiful home ! There was also a prayer room in this home w/ a very complicated design that we wrapped w/ bullnose .....(rounded corners).....and we had the best texture guy in Southern California (Glen Woods) spray this job for us ! ......This house really shows what Newport Harbor Drywall is capable of doing.

This is one of the most customized and detailed high end projects we've ever had the opportunity to work on.........The pics. on this project will be going up on our site as we move through the project.........I hope you enjoy what you see so far....

This is a custom home on top of Laguna Beach over looking the town and an ocean view of Catalina Island.... The house contains three floors with an elevator, curved ceilings 10' to 16' high, bullnose corners, just a beautiful home.... Newport Harbor Drywall is very proud to have worked on this one.

This is a nice size one story custom home w/ lots of details.....Various arches throughout the home, custom framing and soffits in each room, a 16' high entry way , skylights throughout.....just a beautiful house.......One i'd like to own some day....Good thing Newport Harbor Drywall did this one !

This was a project I really enjoyed building..This is an 18 guage steel stud wall that reaches 22 ft. in height and was approx. 130 ft. in lenght....They had us do some unusual hanging on the inside wall for some wooden coves they were installing....I'll be sure to visit this project again and capture a photo of the finished product.....

This was a one room custom remodel with a two a sided vault ceiling and an arched front bay window.

We installed 5/8" drywall and finished the drywall smooth for paint... We also installed shadow moulding at the base of every sheet which kept a 1" in. reveal at the bottom of the walls.

We installed approx. 215 sheets of drywall (12' sheets) included high work and difficult set ups and finished the drywall with an orange peel texture.

We installed approximately 96 12' sheets of 5/8" drywall and finished the board with a custom hand texture.... There were various arches and skylights in this project.... Long Beach, Ca. Los Angeles County

We did an extensive remodel on the inside of Melanie's home... We built arches that run through the living rm., family rm., and dining rm. We framed over both fire places with steel stud and installed drywall. We removed 3/4" wood paneling in the living rm and installed 5/8" drywall. We repaired the walls that were damaged from glue where paneling was removed. We matched the orange peel texture throughout the house and pulled a custom hand texture in the living rm. We also installed a can light in the living rm. and installed door moulding for two doors.

This was a very unique project..... This home was located in a historical area of Long Beach and we restored the interior walls to look like it's original condition... This home also won an award from the city of Long Beach....

This is a wall mount we built for a flat screen tv...It looks like the tv is suspended in the air from the wall mount...almost like 3-Deminional...

We framed over a brick fire place with steel stud , attached drywall to the studs and finished it smooth for paint...We can frame and remodel any fireplace....We can mount mantles and lay tile ........However you want it to look.

"Having been under construction for the last three years on my home and studio, I'd have to say that Tom and his crew were some of the most reliable and contientious subs I had to work with. I am very happy with the results. They were patient and strived to do well crafted work."

Mia Tavonatti
Costa Mesa, CA
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